What You Can Learn about Content Marketing from Pumpkin Spice

Since content marketing burst onto the scene as a must-have marketing strategy, it’s been a much asked about, much talked about and much Googled topic. What is content marketing? And why are brands of all types flocking to it?

Let’s start with what it is, which is pumpkin spice. That’s right – pumpkin spice. Think back in your mind to the advent of fall – the post-Labor Day clamor to fill the shelves with products that shared one common ingredient: pumpkin spice. It’s gone beyond the much anticipated annual debut of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte to what is now a proliferation of pumpkin beers, candles, air fresheners, soaps, cookies, marshmallows and even lasagna. It’s content that’s packaged in a variety of ways to suit the tastes of all different types of consumers. But at the end of day, no matter how someone experiences pumpkin spice products, they are transported to their version of a perfect fall day.

So, how is this like content marketing? It’s the same process when you break it down. Take a message – a singular powerful ingredient – and package it in a way that is appetizing to the people you most want to consume it. Make sure it’s relevant and based on a practical or emotional trigger like seasonality, curiosity, humor or something they want to know along the path to purchase. And then reach them through a delivery channel – like social media – where they are already reading, watching, viewing or listening to content. It’s a lot like driving an impulse purchase from a routine shopper with an end-cap of pumpkin spice bagels.

By telling that compelling story over and over again in unique and entertaining ways, you build affinity for your brand with customers and potential customers. Go where they are with the content they want to experience. Help them. Delight them. Educate them. Entertain them. Again and again and again until your content cements that powerful ingredient in their minds as synonymous with your brand.

What’s the pumpkin spice of your brand?