Save the Sasquatch on Earth Day

There are initiatives everyone can get behind on Earth Day – recycling, conserving water, turning off the lights, carpooling – but there’s one area of environmentalism that’s been largely ignored — saving the Sasquatch. Oh, what’s that you say? He’s not real? As this photo proves, he’s actually a regular at Jackson Spalding. We haven’t told anyone until now because he’s not a fan of the limelight. It’s probably why he fits in here so well, because that’s what agency life is about. We work on behalf of our clients so that they can be the graceful gazelles in the rolling fields that attract throngs of shutterbug tourists. We are like the Sasquatch – fully content to work behind the scenes, bringing balance and harmony to our little corners of the forest. Is that a stretch? We thought so at first, too, but ran it by Sasquatch and he agreed.

In honor of Earth Day, and because we’re a greenie bunch who care about our environment (and our hairy friend, here), our JS Green Team launched The Secret Sasquatch Challenge at JS. Every month, we will grant The Sasquatch Champion Action Figure to the JSer who has displayed exceptional effort to be a good steward to the environment in our offices and in our communities.

If you’ve been indifferent about Earth Day in the past, it may be time to rethink it. Use a coffee mug instead of a paper cup. Turn off your lights when you leave the office for the day. Don’t throw that dirty napkin (or anything else) out the car window. Do it for Sasquatch. He’s a good guy…or ape…or whatever he is. We still haven’t asked him about that.